The Consecutive Translation Service is used on occasions when speakers and listeners speak different languages. In this type of translation, the speaker speaks for a predetermined period of time and the translator interprets for the language of the listeners. The speaking periods can be from a few minutes or from phrase to phrase, and are agreed upon by those involved.

Consecutive Translation or Consecutive Interpretation, as it is also known, is usually performed in informal events, business meetings and general events that have a reduced audience. As a rule, speeches or parts of speeches interpreted consecutively are short, ideally they should be less than 30 minutes. To perform this type of translation, in most situations, it is not necessary to use specific equipment, just a microphone and sound system similar to that used by the speaker.

It can be used in:

  • Speeches
  • Business meetings
  • Short lectures
  • Interviews
  • Press conferences
  • Small trainings

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You can send multiple files with a maximum of 10MB each.

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